At «Queen I” 40 Anniversary «A Night at the Opera” rises as the ultimate Queen tribute act.

An incomparable experience on an incomparable show, all Queen classic original arrangements, with an unprecedented sound and fidelity, featuring RONNIE ROMERO on vocals (Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow …) and DANNY GOMEZ on the guitar (We Will Rock You, La Quinta Estacion …).

«A Night At The Opera» collaborates with Queen Productions, The Mercury Phoenix Trust, Freddie For A Day, Universal Music, Brian May Guitars, VOX Amplification …

«Ronnie Romero’s voice is a cross between Ronnie James Dio and Freddie Mercury.» 
– Ritchie Blackmore –
  “Brilliant! This sounds great, Daniel. Thanks for keeping me in touch. Give my best to all the team,  and thanks for paying such a lovely tribute.”  
Brian May –

FREDDIE FOR A DAY 2018 «Love of my Life» by Ronnie Romero and Danny Gomez

FREDDIE FOR A DAY 2017 «Bicycle Race» by Ronnie Romero and Danny Gomez

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